Intermatic HA-03WD Lamp Module

Dealing with home automation, I used the spare lamp module I had, a Intermatic HA-03WD Lamp Module and it took a bit to get it connected to my z-stick connected to the raspberryPI. The pi is running pidora, and I compiled the code from SVN and the openzwave control panel also out of svn.

To connect it up I needed to put the z-stick in add mode, then get the HA-03 to get into join mode when it is off you hold the button down – I believe it was for about 10seconds – then it went into join mode.

Now I am going to try to compile code from here:

in an attempt to get a working server that I can write PHP to connect to. This will give me my base for my home automation since I do most of my web coding in php.

First I am getting a fresh copy of a full release of openzwave:

This one seemed to have issues with the above server code

This is the one I am trying now.

tar xzvf openzwave-1.2.919.tar.gz

cd openzwave-1.2.919

svn checkout open-zwave-controller-read-only

cd cpp/src/

cp ../../open-zwave-controller-read-only/server/S* .

cd ../examples/MinOZW/

…………still running into some problems…

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