I had a wonderful life lesson on Service this week. It was not the traditional form of service, but it is one you will relate to and feel the power from.

I went to Walmart with the purpose of getting an Ink cartridge for our printer, this was at midnight so no where else was open and we wanted to print up some things for the training seminar my, wife and I were going to in the morning. It was just a normal night, a light breeze, just cold enough that if you were planning on being outside for more than 30 min or so, then you would want a jacket.

This was just the local Walmart, and I parked on the side that I usually do, the West side. The problem was that the door was locked, when it is that late they only keep the east side door open. A few months ago this would have really bugged me, the self help program Tina and I are doing has really changed our outlook on life, and brought us so much closer together. So I walked to the east doors, and went in.

One of the first sections that I was to walk past on my trek to get the ink cartridge, was the women’s section of clothing. I looked over as I was passing the graphic t-shirts and noticed that they had a sign up for a Supper Girl t-shirt. I have always wanted to get Tina one of these since she is amazing, completely amazing. I walk over to see if there is one in her size, when I get there I notice that the clothing shelves looked like my kids toy room on the morning of cleaning day, a complete mess! So I looked around a little and noticed there was a Walmart employee there straitening up all the shirts. I told her I was looking for one of the Supper Girl t-shirts for my wife, she said “That is nice that you would think of your wife”, I told her that wasn’t the case 4 months ago. She stopped what she was doing, looked at me and said, “you mean you changed in 4 months?”, I said I had and she was completely in shock.

I went on to get the ink cartridge, but as I was leaving I felt impressed to give her one of my “Best of the Best” business cards, not sure why, but I have learned that it is always to my benefit to act on such promptings or feelings. So I walked over and just started talking to her. She is a very nice person, with a cool Irish name. She was divorced and just recently got this job. She totally opened up to me as we talked, so much she became emotional as she told me her story. She was just overcome that someone wanted to help her out. I told her a little about me, and what I do, and that I just want to help people. I gave her my card and told her to contact me. She asked how I could help. This is where the lesson this week came into play. I don’t think she realized that her opening up to me like that, creating a personal connection to her allowed me to help her and to serve her by simply opening my mouth. I do hope I get the opportunity to server her more, it is currently in her hands, to contact me. I do know if the Lord wants me to make the next contact with her again he will inspire me to help our paths cross again.

I felt served by her and it was an amazing experience, especially when I think about 4 months ago I would have completely missed this. I wonder only one thing now, I don’t wonder of the people that I have missed – I wasn’t ready for them, I wonder of the people in the future I will meet and how the experience will help us both, serve us both in so many ways.

I invite you to open your mouth and say hello to people. Make a new personal connection with your neighbor, tell them something great about them that you have noticed. Something amazing will happen!

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